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Notre Dame Edge

Advance your Career in Data Science

The University of Notre Dame’s online Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics: Data Science Specialization program prepares students for immediate career growth in data science.

Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes mathematics, statistics, computing and communication, Notre Dame’s program equips students with skills to tackle critical work and communicate more effectively.

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  • Advancing your career with the Notre Dame Edge
  • The benefits of an interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Our student-centered approach to online learning
  • The admissions process and requirements

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A Data Driven World

The data science revolution is changing the way we live. Data-driven decision-making is shaping industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, management consulting, marketing, science, government and education.

AT&T employees can find more information about the collaboration between Notre Dame and AT&T around this program on the AT&T University website and from your program representative.