5 Trends Shaping THE Rise of the Three-Dimensional Data Scientist

The trends in the data science field point to data scientists needing more than just outstanding technical skills.

What are the key trends, and what are the skills the next generation of data scientists will need?

Download this white paper to learn about the rise of the three-dimensional data scientist – those with a deep foundation in quantitative analytics and technical skills, paired with the essential ability to communicate insights by using data and a well-developed understanding of the ethical dimensions of data science. As a result of these five trends, there is:

  • A steadily increasing demand for data scientists
  • A need for talented data storytellers
  • More opportunities to use data science for the common good
  • A greater necessity to define ethical frameworks for data usages
  • An expanding role for data science in the IoT

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A career in data science

Our online MS-ACMS: Data Science program is conveniently completed over 21-months, at half-time pace, on a custom-built, social learning platform. Graduate as a three dimensional data scientist ready to perform at the highest levels in the data science field. Learn more.

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